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Message from President of Inax Corporation, Shinichi Yanagawa

"Deliver Cleanness and Comfort - Shape for realizing the customer's future"

Inax Corporation President Shinichi Yanagawa

New Inax Corporation started on July 1, 2017 by integrating "Inamoto Manufacturing Co., Ltd." as the manufacturing company with "Inax Corporation" as the sales company for realization of our management philosophy "To establish functional group that can contribute to our society by creating clean life through our rich idea with collective power and by "keep cleanliness".

While environment surrounding us changes, all of our staffs work as one as the professional of washing, drying and finishing under the three segments "Advanced product development and manufacturing", "Maintenance network" and "Engineering solution" to create new value through higher quality and overall proposal to whole laundry plant.

As the part of it, we deepen cooperation further with Kannegiesser that is the world largest laundry facility manufacturer in Germany and started business partnership with us in 2011, introduce European technology and sell its products to Japanese customers, and continue joint development as well.

In addition, we will make our utmost, as a member of Miura group who contributes to environmental-friendly society and creation of clean and comfortable life in the fields of heat/water/environment, to create customers' future by providing with "clean and relief" and contribute to the society.

I would ask your continued patronage, further support and instruction.

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