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On-premise equipment for inhouse laundry

On-premise equipment for household

There is huge volume of laundry every day in the leisure facilities such as hotels, hospitals, welfare facilities and golf clubs.
While the number of nursing home has been increasing year after year, it becomes hard work for nursing persons.

Washing work wears and uniforms for the employees are necessary, especially in the factory where the hygiene controll is required.In these factories, always keen attention needs to be paid to maintain hygiene.

We propose various type of industrial washer and dryer for on-premise laundry.
We can offer larger equipment for the customer who has huge volume of laundry. Please feel free to contact us.

Installation example

  • Nursing home
  • Care facility
  • Hotel
  • Guest house
  • Theme park
  • Golf course
  • Hospital
  • School

Model plan for special nursing home

By installing industrial washer and dryer, the daily capacity will be dramatically improved comparing with home use washer.
Hygienic status will be improved by installing sanitary washer so that washing diaper become possible.

Model plan for special nursing home

  • IG-22A Compact dryer (capacity: 22kg / gas type)
  • ECO-22B Compact washer (capacity: 22kg)

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We have a number of laundry equipment other than products listed.
We propose the best suitable laundry equipment, depending on the requirement of each customer.
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