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Ironing (Smoothing wrinkles)

We can offer the best finisher for smoothing uniform, work wear, bed sheet and duvet cover used in hospitals and hotels.
We can provide various ironing equipment depending on use and type of each article.

Smoothing wrinkles out of the article

Smoothing wrinkles out of the article

The wrinkles of the washed linen (bed sheet, duvet cover, pillow case, and table cloth), will be smoothed by Roll Ironer in short time, even huge volume of articles.High-production with utmost quality is realized by the special feeder, even in case operator is newcomer to the work. Automatic fold is also possible if combined with folder.

Feeder is an equipment for loading the bed sheet into Roll Ironer.Setting is easy for any operator which is conducive to high-quality and high productivity.
Folder is an equipment which folds articles automatically such as bed sheet and yukata.It folds even large bed sheet automatically which cannot be done by manually alone.
Roll Ironer  IRT-33UA
New standard roll ironer achieved high finishing and energy saving by adopting five technologies.

Smoothing wrinkles out of uniform, work wear and jacket.

Many wrinkles remaining on articles after washed.Tunnel finisher or press machine is useful for articles which could not load into Roll ironer.
Tunnel finisher smoothes wrinkles blowing hot air to hanged articles pass through the equipment.Suitable for finishing articles with large volume.

Press machine  YZK-012A
Press machine could smooth wrinkles out by pressing articles with heat plate.Optimum for high quality finishing.We have various press machines which are specialized for trousers, garment, nursing uniform and shirt.
One single machine could set the press pressure freely for each material, achieving most suitable finishing.
Finisher is used not only for smoothing wrinkles out of washed linen but also forming apparel products.We propose suitable finisher depends on the purpose and volume of article.

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