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Washing Mattress and Bedding

Washing Mattress and Bedding

We propose entire wash and recovery protecting inner cotton as our total system for "washing, drying and recovering".

"Ticks" which lives in bedding causes the symptoms of allergic diseases, such as atopic dermatitis and asthma.
By washing bedding, scurf will be lessen and propagation of ticks can be also reduced.

Flow of washing bedding

  • Washer & Extractor 200FLA-F

    Washer & Extractor 200FLA-F

    Feather, wool, cotton, polyester are washable. Inner bedding will be cleaned as well .Entirely cleaned by washing off dirt, salt, and ticks.

  • Dryer FFB-60

    Dryer FFB-60

    Forcing hot air pass through by suction system achieved high speed drying. Disinfection effect with high temperature air flow as well.

  • Recovery IDB-100

    Recovery IDB-100

    Bedding will be recovered to plump condition with enough air created by temperature-controlled hot air and rotation.

Mattress cleaning

Although had less conscious for washing mattress in the past, the requirement of washing and drying mattress is now increased due to hygiene issues such as prevention of nosocomial infections.

  • Square cylinder which could load mattress without rolling.
  • Mattress washer (max capacity 6 pieces)
Multi purpose washer FMW-4
  • Max. 4 pieces of Mattress in 1 process
  • High speed extraction for urethan mattress
Mattress dryer LD-1000
  • Suitable for high productivity use
  • Energy saving with indivisual temperature control and circulation prcedure

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