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We, Inax provide various washing machine according to the application and the required capacity.
For customers who are considering installation or replacement of washing machine for inhouse on-premise such as industrial plant and hotels,we propose most suitable equipment depending on the type and volume of the articles.

Difference between industrial washing machine and home washing machine

Difference between industrial washing machine and home washing machine

Possible to wash huge volume of articles at once.
Achieved strong detergency by using hot water and large washing drum.
As the washing process can be settled freely, realized optimal wash depends on each article.
Washed by optimal program with detergent and auxiliary agent.
Possible to set automatic line (auto loading) by using conveyors.
High durability with mechanical design by professional specification.
Full automatic washer extractor ECO-22DX
Compact washer (capacity: ~22kg).Suitable for small volume and multipurpose washing.Approximately 100 shirts or towels can be washed in one cycle.
Full automatic washer extractor NEO-100
Heavy duty washer (capacity 100kg).Approximately 150 bed sheets or 250 towels can be washed in one cycle.
Tunnel washer NCW-10
Tunnel washer (capacity 60kg/compartment).Suitable for the factory aiming at energy and labor saving by automatic line which can be installed up to 16 compartments.

Generally, using water for washing machine.
However, for the articles with oily stains or sensitive articles which are not washable with water, we recommend to wash by dry cleaning machine using solvent.
We can also offer industrial large machine which covers from wash to dry.

Solkane Dry Cleaner  DS-200
This equipment is compatible with safe Solkane solvent.This is the whole package from wash, dry, and solvent recovery, which is user-friendly.
※ As Freon solvent is no longer available from the conventional CFC solvent have been used in the cleaning industry cause ozone depletion.It is a new cleaning solvent gentle to garments and the environment that has been developed as an alternative.

Adding to cleaning business, we will offer various proposals such as laundry equipment for various facilities, and household on-premise articles. Please feel free to contact us with any inquires.

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We have a number of laundry equipment other than products listed.
We propose the best suitable laundry equipment, depending on the requirement of each customer.
We Inax will do our best to support every single customer.

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