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Company's development history

History of Inax Corporation

2017 Inax Corporation and Inamoto Manufacturing Co., Ltd. merged in July (English name remains unchanged as INAX Corporation).
The former Inax Corporation
1970 Inax Trading Corporation has established by the purpose of sales & maintenance company of Inamoto Mfg. 100% owned by Sumitomo Corporation.
1970 Acquired the dealership from USA Washex.
1970 Acquired the dealership from Mitsubishi Heavy Industry (MHI) and started to sell Permac dry cleaning machine.
1978 Started to sell MHI-Senking tunnel washer based on the technical license between MHI and Senking.
1981 Started to sell Mitsubushi-Senking tunnel washer under the technical license from Senking and MHI.
1984 Changed the company name to Inax corporation to aim the development of an engineering company.
1989 Increased the capital amount up to One hundred million yen.
2005 Changed the name to Sumisho Inax Corporation.
2009 Started to sell Tunnel washer 'CP series', 'CR series' and Hydraulic press 'HP series' with the business transfer from MHI Industrial Machinery Co., Ltd. to Inamoto Mfg.
2009 Started to sell dry cleaner 'Perc', 'Solcan' and 'Bexcelclean' series with the business transfer from MHI Industrial Machinery Co., Ltd.
2011 Restructured the Sales Department into 4 block areas.
2011 Concluded partnership with Herbert Kannegiesser GmbH and became as their Japanese exclusive distributor.
2015 Changed the name to Inax Corporation.
The former Inamoto Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
1917 Established Inamoto iron works in Kanazawa City and started production of medical equipment and parts for weaving machine.
1952 Reorganized into a stock company (capital 1 million yen) and started production of cleaning machine for business use.
1961 Moved to and built new factory at Nishi-Shinmachi, Matto City and increased capital to 9 million yen.
1970 Sumitomo Corporation got full participation in management.
Joined in a technical tie-up with Washex (U.S.A.).
1976 Joined in a technical tie-up with Challenge Cook Brothers Corporation (U.S.A.).
1985 Moved to and built new headquarters factory at Genpeijima-machi.
1991 Increased capital to 9.63 million yen.
1992 Built Matsumoto new factory at Matsumoto-machi, Matto City.
1998 Acquired ISO 9001
2002 Held Inamoto Show on 50th anniversary of the foundation.
2004 Unified process of manufacturing in Genpeijima factory.
2007 Built new No.2 Genpeijima factory and centralized all the factories.
2009 Transferred domestic business rights of cleaning machine for business use from MHI Industrial Machinery Co., Ltd.
2012 Transferred operation of "RAL's sole agent" from MHI Industrilal Machinery Co., Ltd.
2014 Established technical center (Matsumoto-machi, Hakusan City) and started development of new products.
2017 Reached the 100th anniversary of foundation

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