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To be a comprehensive engineering company that can solve customers' problems and provide new value

Inax Corporation President and CEO Tsuyoshi Yoneda

To be a functional group that contributes to society by creating clean life and "protecting cleanliness" with our abundant ideas and comprehensive capabilities - this is our management philosophy.
As a member of the Miura Group, which can contribute to the creation of an environmentally friendly society and a clean & comfortable lifestyle in the fields of heat/water/environment, we – Inax Corporation will continue to take on various challenges to become a comprehensive engineering company that can solve the issues our customers are facing throughout the laundry industry and provide new value.

In laundry factories, there is a growing demand for automated equipment/systems to solve serious labor shortages, maintenance to ensure stable operation and energy-saving equipment/systems for low-carbon or decarbonization. In order to promptly respond to such diversified and sophisticated customers' needs, it is difficult to accomplish on our own. We must further develop and evolve the base technologies/products that we have cultivated over the years, while adding new technologies within and outside the group useful to our customers.

In a rapidly changing society, we always keep the customer's perspective in mind and will move forward together, without being bound by conventional wisdom, to provide comprehensive engineering services for the entire laundry plant, so that we can contribute to our customers and to society as well.

We would ask your continued patronage and further support.

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We have a number of laundry equipment other than products listed.We propose the best suitable laundry equipment, depending on the requirement of each customer.
We Inax will do our best to support every single customer.

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