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Quality Above All

Under the slogan "Quality above All", we - INAX Corporation have manufactured high performance machine and equipment with reliable quality for 100 years. For a century, we never stopped evolution in improving quality to satisfy our customers in Japan and other countries through solidarity of the following 3 divisions.

Customer Support Division (Quality of Support)

Customer Support Division (Quality of Support)
Automated warehouse

We stock sufficient spares in the automated warehouse in our factory to supply maintenance spares in timely manner and back up customers by our specialized technical staffs to ensure customers' stable operation.

To respond various needs of customer, we always feed-back the customers' voice to our R&D and manufacturing divisions in our company to connect to development and improvement of our products.

R&D Division (Quality of Product)

R&D Division (Quality of Product)
R&D technical center

To develop easy-to-use products with superior quality - this is our basic concept as the leader of the industry.
We precisely grasp customers' requirement for various function and specifications, establish product plan applying latest technology, repeat elaborate testing at our R&D technical center and connect to production.
Based on original technology and know-how that we have long cultivated as a specialized manufacturer of industrial cleaning equipment, we are always challenging new technology and development.

Manufacturing Division (Quality of Manufacturing)

Manufacturing Division (Quality of Manufacturing)
Manufacturer plant

High quality production is realized by continued "Monozukuri" technology, superior product management and quality control system based on proactive introduction of cutting edge machine and improved technique of production staff.
In addition, we are creating comfortable working environment and improving safety of work.

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Introduction of cleaning-related equipment
Please consult with us, without hesitate.
As well as cleaning business, we Inax can also propose a variety of cleaning equipment and system(s).
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