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Inax utilize the know-how which we acquired since its establishment and selects the products that suits each customer's requirements from 1,000 or more of product range. Also, we propose system and planning for entire plant based on our experience of various cases.

  • Planning for new plant

    We provide leading edge designing and proposals which include added-value on the customer's requirements.

  • Planning for replacement

    We provide proposals for existing equipment that meets the requirements of the trend based on productivity advance and energy-saving strategy.

  • Plan for improvement

    We are available for consultation which is not only for the equipment but also for production management and plant operations.
    We provide proposals in an effort to move from vision toward reality by rising a problem cooperatively with the customer.

  • In other cases

    We provide flexible and appropriate proposals for the customer's troubles such as safety measures, energy issue, quality improvement and so on.

We attempt to move in the direction of realization by following action for meeting each customer's requirements in any cases.

  1. Observe the current situation

    By reviewing the land spaces, buildings, owned facilities, production status and operation status, we figure out the customer requirements and find out the solution.

  2. Selection of equipment framework

    We consider and propose the optimum equipment and systems for customers.

  3. Trial calculation of production capacity

    In selected equipment configurations, we make a trial calculation of the production capacity for the entire plant.

  4. Making a comparing document

    We will explain clearly about comparison with the current equipment, and explain the advantages of the latest equipment .

  5. Meeting with architect and equipment designer

    We also undertake an equipment work. As required, we will conduct meetings with the architect and equipment designer which needs some expertise.

  6. Layout design

    Using 2D and 3D CAD, we design tailored to each customer's factory as the most important item is five major elements (safety measures, environmental measures, high quality, high production and energy saving).

Inax focus on comprehensively in order to propose the best to our customers, not only machinery and equipment. And then we design Layout by 2 CAD, and has implemented 3D CAD simulation further ahead of the competition.

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Introduction of cleaning-related equipment
Please consult with us, without hesitate.
As well as cleaning business, we Inax can also propose a variety of cleaning equipment and system(s).
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