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Will create the future of our customers

Our feature is to offer the high value. We propose the new idea by the customer's viewpoints, and provide excellent follow-up services. We'll introduce our ’service flow’ that you can leave it to us with an easy mind .

  1. Confirm the ‘needs’

    Confirm the ‘needs’

    Our sales staffs will visit you and listen to your requests.
    You can talk without worry as all of our staffs have attended hands-on training of technical matters and maintenance.

    If you need detailed clarification, our technical staffs will visit along with the sales staffs and they will take care of your requests.

  2. Planning


    We devise a best system proposals by discussing with our expert technical staffs.
    Combination of existing system are of course a very high priority, and also we can create a special system which suits each facility and environments.

    Our proposals are focused on a laborsaving and energy saving and we aim at the optimization not only for a single facility but for whole line.
    We will present the idea clearly by using proposal documents and design drawings.

  3. Delivery & Installation

    Delivery & Installation

    Our technical staffs will support from delivery to operation.
    Once our explanation of daily operation have finished, it's time to start operation.

  4. Follow-up services

    Follow-up services

    Our service centers are located near the customer's factory for providing maintenances to sudden trouble, regular maintenance and regular supplies .
    Safety guidance will be also introduced by our service staffs.

    We will try to reflect requirements and opinions which are known after the use of our products for the development of the new products.

Introduction of cleaning-related equipment
Please consult with us, without hesitate.
As well as cleaning business, we Inax can also propose a variety of cleaning equipment and system(s).
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